Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peas and Carrots

Well, our tiller had a flat for a week and a half or so. We got a new tube shipped in, and since then we've been rocking. We're happy to be caught up with our planting schedule. Hard to believe the farmer's market starts in a couple of weeks. We won't have much(never have) for the first weeks, but it's still exciting.

This weekend we have the rest of the gang here on the farm: Lori, Tony, Sofie, Sasha, Brad, and the third McCord sister, Nicole, here for her birthday! Fun times.

I got the scythe out last week, and cleared a bit of our front lawn. It was good to wield the blade again.

I(Luke) am also cutting down my hours of tree work with our neighbour Kevin so that I can spend more time working on the farm. The next four weeks are our busiest of the year, but so far it's feeling good to be outside in the garden. I weeded onions for a few hours on thursday and found it was better than I remembered. It's funny how the seasons do that to you. I'm sure that by autumn I'll be happy not to weed for quite a while.

So Bantry Bay Farm plods along through the spring. This weekend is a nice pause for friends, family, and fun. Hope that y'all are finding time for the same.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

'em Farmer's are Busy

Well I (Brad) thought that considering there hasn't been an update in awhile, and the farmer's are super busy with all that farming stuff, I'd fill people in on what I am doing. It may not be farm related, but perhaps it will fill the void between farm news.

I got back mid-April from my trip out west to spend time with my folks and bro, and whoever else was nearby. It was a nice but long four months, and i felt the urge to get back into school.

I researched how long my degree was going to take to complete and how i could get into the education department of UNB. I have discovered that by July of '09 i will be done my CS degree if i take classes straight through from now till then, so that is what i am doing. Sadly, i also discovered that the UNB education faculty hates Computer Science students and told me i would have to take an additional years worth of courses to be even eligible for their program, which i didn't like hearing. Luckily there are many options. So for now completing my CS degree with as high grades as possible is my priority; hence, my current station as Non-Farmer.

I am living in Fredericton, and taking one course at the moment: Japanese. So far it is going great i have learnt part of the writing system, and am on my way to being able to greet and ask questions in Japanese. So far so good, and watching ridiculously amounts of Japanese Anime probably doesn't hinder my learning.

The flooding was crazy in Fredericton, there were people kayaking and canoing down streets in some parts of town. I helped Tony and Lori (Kath's Sister and Brother-in-law) and their neighbours, relocate some of their basement contents to a less risky location. The left their house for a couple of weeks and stayed in a hotel, i believe they are planning to get back home before the weekend.

I hope to visit the Farm, Luke, Kath, Mike and Bailey as much as possible through the summer and i hope i get to see some of the visitors we are expecting, but we'll see how the summer goes. So far things are going great, and i hope the same for everyone else!