Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peas and Carrots

Well, our tiller had a flat for a week and a half or so. We got a new tube shipped in, and since then we've been rocking. We're happy to be caught up with our planting schedule. Hard to believe the farmer's market starts in a couple of weeks. We won't have much(never have) for the first weeks, but it's still exciting.

This weekend we have the rest of the gang here on the farm: Lori, Tony, Sofie, Sasha, Brad, and the third McCord sister, Nicole, here for her birthday! Fun times.

I got the scythe out last week, and cleared a bit of our front lawn. It was good to wield the blade again.

I(Luke) am also cutting down my hours of tree work with our neighbour Kevin so that I can spend more time working on the farm. The next four weeks are our busiest of the year, but so far it's feeling good to be outside in the garden. I weeded onions for a few hours on thursday and found it was better than I remembered. It's funny how the seasons do that to you. I'm sure that by autumn I'll be happy not to weed for quite a while.

So Bantry Bay Farm plods along through the spring. This weekend is a nice pause for friends, family, and fun. Hope that y'all are finding time for the same.



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