Friday, September 14, 2012

New Green House

Guest Blog - written by Mike's mom (Lynn)

As peaceful and tranquil as it always is at Bantry Bay, there's never any lack of activity. This week the action started on the new greenhouse, which remains nameless. The first greenhouse the farmers put up was called 'The Gaffer', followed shortly by Feastly, Glassy, Jumby (no longer with us due to a rogue windstorm) and Old Betts (named after Mike's grandma who contributed some $$ towards its construction).

Like most areas in Canada, New Brunswick has a relatively short growing season, and each greenhouse manages to lengthen it by several weeks (even months). Plantings in the greenhouse ripen quicker and earlier and make those delicious vegetables available for a bit longer in the year.

One of the Bantry Bay farmers' goals for 2012 was the construction of a new greenhouse and a couple of weeks ago it arrived on the back of a truck. I hadn't thought much about it but once you remove the walls to a greenhouse (plastic covering) there isn't much to it.

Here's Mike maneuvering the entire greenhouse through the gap between the house and the barn with woofer Wade giving directions.
The plot for the new greenhouse is being carefully prepared.  Here Joanna and James (woofer and apprentice) survey the roped off area.

Mike expects the greenhouse to be completed in a month or so.  Check it out next time you come by and perhaps by then it will have a name.  Any suggestions?


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