Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Building Jumby

Glassy and Feastly just weren't enough... so as of yesterday Jumby is now fully covered and just about ready for planting. Since I'm sure you're wondering, these are the names of their greenhouses... I'm just out for a few days for a vacation and labour on the farm ;-). The blog was mostly comatose so I thought it necessary to put up a quick guest post

I was last out on the farm almost exactly 3 years ago at the start of their first year. They had 1/4 acre and were still in the panabode at the time. A few weeks ago they all moved into the farm house. If you've ever watched a horror movie that takes place in a remote location... this is probably the house they used for it. Windy dirt road approaches through the woods to a two story needs-another-paint-job white 100yr old house with a rackety porch.

Weather's suppose to be nice over the next few days, so hopefully we'll be able to get the greenhouse totally finished and planted before I leave Thursday, but that may be optimistic.

The Monday morning meeting:

For the whole album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hadsie/sets/72157618474840806


At 5/21/2009 01:41:00 a.m., Anonymous Lynn said...

Thanks for resuscitating the blog Scott - the photos are great and make me want to visit again.

At 5/21/2009 07:35:00 a.m., Blogger Brad said...

We will supposedly have highspeed today sometime. So Scott's trip may have started a revival in blogging, at least in me.


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