Friday, January 25, 2008


The farm is being overrun by dogs! Two days ago there were ten of them in our front yard, and Bailey was delighted. There are now six living on the farm(5 of them with our neighbours), and our friend Julie comes to walk her dogs as well as her friends' almost every day. It's a nice break from the sleepy winter to see ten dogs racing around in the front yard(well, actually a couple of them are quite old and mostly supervise.)

Yesterday we had a great lunch with Chris and Graziella, of the Rossmount Inn(our favourite restaurant). Some of our readers may have been there, and others may be aware that we grow veggies for their restaurant through out the year. So January is a good time to talk about the coming season, especially to see if there are any strange treats that they would like us to grow this year. More importantly, it gives us an excuse to have lunch at a Chef's house. It was delicious, and after lunch it was exciting to go through the seed catalogue with them, and fantasize about the growing season.

Our growing plans are coming together now, and perhaps when we're finished we'll give you a list of the most exciting things we're growing this year.(exciting for us, not necessarily for you). It's very cold outside, toasty inside, and my biggest worry is my dismal record against Mike in speed chess. Winter is lovely.



At 1/26/2008 04:36:00 p.m., Blogger ArianeK said...

for the record, i am much looking forward to the list of what you're growing this year :-)


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