Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"An Ode to Parsnips"

You've lasted the winter, and the ground has now thawed,
I withhold my thumb's up, but perhaps a slight nod,
for carrots and radishes are much more of a treat,
But you take so little work, and therefore I eat.

If you were to appear, another time of the year,
I might leave you out, and not even pout
But you shout "spring is here, or at least it's quite near!"
And stir more excitment than many a sprout

So, for all of you who read this and are thinking, "Hey, I love parsnips!", well let me at least say that Katherine made some the other night with potatoes, turnips, carrots and tofu, and some spices and it was actually delightful. So I figure it's mostly in the preparation. And they really do hold a special place in my heart, and stir more excitment than many a sprout.(Not a hot pepper sprout though, which is in our living room right now!)


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