Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pagan Holidays Taken Over

Well thank the good lord Jesus that the sun is starting it's return and hope is in the air! For those of you who don't know, there was a winter solstice a few weeks ago and that means the sun dipped down as low as it goes and is now on its return to the high sky!!! YAhoo. For us that means it's getting close to starting the growing season all over again!

Exciting things to look out for this year from Bantry:
1) MUSHROOMS! Tony Mais has become the head of the BBF mushroom committee. We expect to see results by the spring of 2008! Shiitakes here we come.
2) Continued growth of our orchard! More fruit trees for everyone!
3) Bees!!! One might ask why a bunch of vegans would keep bees? Well the simple answer would be that we are a bunch of phonies and just pretend to be vegan but the actual answer might that we have pollinators to pollinate all the fruits and veggies in the garden, YAHOO!!!! Also, I want to be a bee charmer, look for me in a National Geographic years from now when I am covered in bees from head to toe!
4) This maybe the most exciting one!!! Are you ready! Our first trial run of a CSA!!!! YAhoo. St. Andrew's very own membership to BBF veggies. We may even hook up with some friends of ours who do fruit to add a special little bonus to the event.
5)This one may also be the best!!! Bike Trailer!! This year will be our first year using a bike to take our veggies to market. We are also going to be using the bike trailer to deliver the CSA food boxes to our members! Oh baby! It is an exciting year here on Bantry Bay Farm! We may not know what we are doing but we do it with vigor!
6)The last thing to look for is the number of new veggies we'll be trying:sweet peppers, eggplant, asparagus, artichoke, and raspberries are among the ranks!
Hope everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday season. I hope to see you all this year!
In the year of the pig may you find many truffles in the forest!

Love Katherine


At 12/31/2006 04:42:00 p.m., Blogger Admin said...

happy new year!!!!

At 1/04/2007 01:23:00 p.m., Blogger Anja Verdugo said...

Happy New Year! I am really proud of you guys and your first year at the farm. It sounds like year two will be pretty awesome, really exciting! I'm really looking forward to hearing about BANTRY BAY 2007. I hope I can come to visit someday!

At 1/12/2007 03:05:00 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh contraire! I believe you each know exactly what you are doing. If only the rest of us could be so wise.

Happy Winter Solstice!

At 1/18/2007 02:42:00 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delightful post Katherine. Happy New Year!


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