Monday, February 27, 2006

Things always happen for a reason

Today was a great start to the week for the gang at Bantry Bay Farm. We are working on being better people at the same time as learning how to farm so sometimes things take a little while to get going. We sifted some sand for the soil block mix, Mike made some plans for our future solar dryer and Brad made some DELICIOUS bread, right now he's working on Blondies(a cake-ish thing)!

The day was long to start so we worked into the evening until we got a call from a new friend of ours Madeline. She is our neighbour across the highway and is very beautiful. She and I were going to search for some grants together but unfortunately she had a meeting to go to.

The meeting was the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and "was it open to anyone" I asked. Well that was it Mike, Luke and I were off to meet new townsfolk and find out what it was this group did. We sat and listened to the new idea of chapters in all the counties of NB and heard of all the issues the members were concerned about and was it ever sweet music to our ears! Compost, recycling, waste reduction, anti-lawn pesticide bylaws, etc. the words were just like beautiful pieces of art flowing through a dream where everyone is passing you chocolate treats and freshly squeezed juice!

It was another exciting day on Bantry Bay Farm and folks let me tell you, they happen everyday!!!


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