Friday, July 07, 2006

Canada Day and Beyond!

Hello Beautiful People,
Thank you all for taking an active interest in our lives. Someone did a study somewhere proving the need for love and attention in order to grow into a well developed human being. We farmers feel loved and attentioned! That's farmer lingo.
Believe it or not Luke is currently hanging his laundry outside, Brad is putting his in the washing machine and I am here to bring you the latest in Bantry Bay Farm news. MC Hadfield has left the premises for a few days to see his Mummy and Daddy.
Our weekend entertainment(Sofie/Lo/To) returned full force this past weekend with friends from Halifax. We had a booth at the Canada Day market but it was in an unfortunate spot that wasn't great for selling our stuff but was a great picnic area for all the kids! Mike took on the rototiller we borrowed from a local gaffer. That took a little time off our hands!
The guys have started an ultimate frisbee group on Thurdays after our markets and are pumped about that. That leaves me with a couple of hours at the farm to myself which is oh so nice!
Markets have been going well. We are situated between a woman named Liz who sells dainty treats that look so cute and a gaffer named Bob who sells sausages, pop and fudge but plans on selling his business and retiring soon. There are two other farmers who sell produce but we all have varied items and not too much of it either. We've had quite a number of people come to the booth and tell us about how Margo would have loved to have seen what we are doing. I wish she was around for it! I guess she is:)
Our veggies are doing really well. We've been eating peas off the vines, salads, basil, kale, swiss chard and the latest and most exciting!!! BROCCOLI!!!!! We have a cauliflower head coming out and some really tiny tomatoes popping out!!! There are also little baby summer squash poking their bums out at us. The potatoes are flowering so that means new potatoes soon!! Yeehaw! In a couple of weeks our market table will be more varied than a pick pocketer's pocket!
I tell ya folks it's really freakin' exciting to watch all these little critters pop out everywhere. I highly recommend you try growing something. Maybe just a few peas in a pot or a tomato or whatever you really love to eat. You can do it inside you house even! Try it, you'll succeed!
Farmer out~


At 7/10/2006 12:10:00 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bantry Bay Farmers..
Nice to hear how well things are flourishing!My Dad Reg Robinson (Robinson is Brad's middle name)grew/sold tomatoes for many years to local grocery stores mostly in St. John. He had a lot of pride in the product he sent to market.
Many people grew up eating
"Robinson Tomatoes"
I too loved growing up on the farm.. (I wasn't too crazy about the weeding tho) to you ..w

At 7/12/2006 10:26:00 p.m., Blogger Jason said...

See! -I ended her spree of anonymous comments!! *Beastly Laugh*

At 7/23/2006 06:42:00 a.m., Blogger Jason said...

It has been like 16 days since your last post!! -it's almost like you've been busy or something!!

At 7/01/2009 05:06:00 p.m., Anonymous sarah said...

happy canada day 2009 !! (:


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